Terra Theia is an energetic sphere which contains the harmonic alignment of "as above, so below," where the Earth and Cosmos meet at the horizon point within You.

The safe, nurturing, and compassionate environment of this container is held by Cynthia Marie who specializes in supporting and guiding you, the Empath and Highly Sensitive person, to access and gain understanding of your truth and wellbeing which is held within your body’s systems, intuitive gifts, and original design.

You will restore your direct link with Creation...

… as you acquire confidence and empowering strength from your innate wisdom and unique blueprint, moving from a life of stress and survival to one of growth and vitality.

Through your curiosity and observations, as your body and mind gain beneficial strength and vitality, you will evolve. Living from your unique nature as an embodied, authentic, harmoniously aligned human being, you will live what is yours to be, do and have.

When we come together to create wholeness, our focus is on bolstering each other’s vitality, beauty, and rarity through purposeful intention and connection.